Lyon Saint Exupéry airport (LYS)

Airport of Lyon Saint Exupéry (LYS)

ICAO code : LFLL
IATA  code : LYS

LYS website :

Airport status  : Decree of 3rd of May 2021 declares the airport as facilitated from IATA season W21

IATA status : level 2

  • Organisation

    Acces to the AIP of this airport

    (eAIP FRANCE > “Effective Date” link > select “AD 2 AERODROMES” on the left > search for “LFLL — LYON SAINT EXUPERY”)

    Hours of operations :

    24 hours.

    Night restrictions : 

    Arrêté du 10 septembre 2003 portant restriction d’exploitation de l’aérodrome de Lyon Saint Exupéry

    Arrêté du 30 juin 2006 modifiant l’arrêté du 10 septembre 2003 portant restriction d’exploitation de l’aérodrome de Lyon Saint Exupéry

    Traffic to be facilitated :

    All types of operations. Only Slots for scheduled traffic are coordinated from the Scheduling Conference until the slot return deadline (15 January for the Summer season and 15 August for the Winter season).

    Type of Operations At IATA SC

    Post SC




    Regular Charter / IT



    Irregular Charter / IT Requests not considered before the 31 january for Summer season or 31 August for Winter Season

    Clearance requests (Reference IATA Standard Schedule Information Manual Chapter 6) : 

    All clearance requests must be sent to COHOR via e-mail :

    SCR’s sent by email must be plain text and not contain any logos and/or signatures!

    Clearance requests will be processed during COHOR’s office hours.
    Outside normal office hours (evenings, weekends, public holidays), your slot requests and modifications can be made 24/7 with e-Airportslots

    All modifications to initial slot details must be notified to the coordinator.

    When applicable, the coordinator must be informed of any joint operation/franchise/code sharing agreements prior to the beginning of such operations.

  • Airport constraints

    The airport capacity is set by the French Civil Aviation Authorities (DGAC) and the coordination parameters are published in the French Journal Officiel.

    Slot definition :

    A slot is defined as a 10 minutes period. There are 6 slots in the hour, from the hour to 9 mn after, from 10 to 19 mn after the hour, from 20 to 29 mn after the hour, from 30 to 39 mn after the hour, from 40 to 49 mn after the hour, and from 50 to 59 mn after the hour. For example, scheduled times of 06:00 and 06:05 both belong to the same 10 minute slot.

    Runway scheduling limits and terminal constraints :

    Please refer to the specific season chart.

    Environmental constraints :

    ACNUSA (Autorité de Contrôle des Nuisances Sonores Aéroportuaires) is the authority legally entitled to impose an administrative fine (between 1.500 and 12.000 €) against any infringement of legal measures relative to noise in the air transport.

    French Civil Aviation Code – article L227-4

  • S23

    Airport coordination parameters

    Runway scheduling limits : 

    7 * means that, during a rolling time slot, no more than eight movements may be accepted during two ten-minute periods, seven movements during the other four periods, subject to complying with the corresponding time constraint.

    Terminal Contraints : None

  • W22

    Airport coordination parameters

    Runway scheduling limits : 

    From W21, Lyon airport is facilitated as per the Order of 2021 May 3rd. Facilitation parameters for W22 are as follow:

    Histograms and runway availabilities

    Télécharger (PDF, 391KB)