Annecy (NCY) and Chambéry (CMF) airports

Annecy (NCY) and Chambéry (CMF) airports



Chambéry Savoie Mont Blanc

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  • Organisation

    Both gateways of the alpine winter sports resorts in Savoie and Haute-savoie, Annecy and Chambery airports share a common terminal airspace. For this reason, and also to meet the traffic demands, both airports are facilitated by COHOR every winter week-ends starting from winter 2013-2014.


    Since winter 2013-2014, Chambéry and Annecy airports have been declared as “schedules facilitated” as per EU Regulation 95/93 (IATA status:  level 2 airports).

    Traffic to be schedules facilitated : 

    All type of operations, including business and general aviation.

    Acces to the AIP of Annecy Airport (NCY)

    Acces to the AIP of Chambéry Airport (CMF)

    (eAIP FRANCE > “Effective Date” link > select “AD 2 AERODROMES” on the left > search for LFLB and LFLP)

    Clearance requests :

    • Commercial aviation (Reference IATA Standard Schedule Information Manual Chapter 6):

    All clearance requests must be sent to COHOR via e-mail :

    Clearance requests will be processed during COHOR’s office hours .
    Outside normal office hours (evenings, weekends, and public holidays) please consult e-Airportslots
    All modifications to initial slot details must be notified to the coordinator.

    When applicable, the coordinator must be informed of any joint operation/franchise/code sharing agreements prior to the beginning of such operations.

    • General and business aviation :

    Air carriers must contact directly the airport manager, using the contacts available on COHOR’s general aviation website (accessible through

  • Airport facilitation Period

    Schedules facilitation parameters for both airports (CMF and NCY) : 

    The capacity of each airport and the global capacity of the common terminal airspace are set by the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) who has communicated the following facilitation parameters to COHOR

    Period : 

    For Winter 2022-2023 season, the facilitation periods are :

    • Saturdays from December 17th 2022 to April 08th 2023
    • Sundays from December 18th 2022 to April 09th 2023
    • Fridays from February 10th to March 03rd 2023
    • Monday January 02nd 2023
  • Airport facilitation parameters W22 - S23

    Under the common terminal airspace to the two airports, arrival times are recommended by COHOR  to the air carriers.

    Until 10 days before the date of operation, facilitation parameters are as follows:

    *On this time slot, it is recommended to carriers up to 4 arrivals per hour within the limit of 3 arrivals per hour for the following aircraft types: B737 Family, A320 Family, B757-200, B757-300, MD83 and Embraer 190.

    The above parameters are valid up to 10 days before the planned operating date.

    After this 10 days duration, arrival capacities are freely recommended to air carriers:

    • In compliance with slots already allocated;
    • Under the “first arrived – first served” principle;
    • up to 3 arrivals per hour for the following aircraft types: B737 Family, A320 Family, B757-200, B757-300, MD83 and Embraer 190 and up to 5 arrivals per hour for the other aircraft types in Chambéry and 3 arrivals per hour in Annecy;
    • Without exceeding the common terminal airspace capacity.

    Finally, an alert should be established with the carriers and the manager of Chambéry, in the event that 2 large body aircraft are scheduled successively with an interval of less than 30 minutes. COHOR will approach this manager to identify, as early as possible, the aircraft to be considered as large body.

    Outside of the aforementioned hours, no schedule should be offered by COHOR.

    Capacity of parking stands:

    During the facilitated periods, for any rotation (arrival then departure), COHOR recommends the schedules according to the availability of parking stands with the following constraints:

    • Each aircraft, excluding general and business aviation (GABA), uses one parking stand;
    • up to 7 parking stands regardless of the aircraft, excluding general and business aviation (GABA);
    • up to 5 parking stands for type aircraft B737-700, B737-800, B737-MAX8, B737-MAX9, B757-200, B757-300, A320, A321 and MD83.

    La notification des paramètres de facilitation par la nouvelle en pièce jointe

    Paramètres CMF-NCY W22 – Correctif n°4