Communication regarding Paris-Orly slot pool

We inform you that a pool of slots will be made available for the S23 season at Paris-Orly airport.

Interested operators must submit their request by the initial submission deadline of October 6, 2022 in accordance with the IATA calendar of coordination activities.

As per article 10.6 of European Council Regulation EU95/93, the latest consolidated version of which is dated February 24, 2022, 50% of the pool will be reserved for new entrants and 50% for others.

The pool will be distributed at S23 SAL at the earliest (November 3, 2022) and at S23 Historic Baseline Date at the latest (January 31, 2023) and a communication will be made on Cohor website.

Beneficiaries may, if they wish, anticipate their operations in the W22 season within the limits of timings availability.

Additional requirements :

– Requests under the pool should be sent as an SCR message to

– This SCR message shall be separated from other submission requests

– Use action code “B” or “V” for new entrant status

– Use action code “N” for other requests

– Indicate in the “SI” field if the request concerns year-round operations or only for the summer seasons

You can refer to the EU Council regulation N° 95/93 following articles among others :

  • Article 2 Definition of the new entrant status
  • Article 10.6  Part distributed under the entrant status and priorities of allocation
  • Article 10.7 Additional condition for the new entrant status
  • Article 8bis.3 Mobility on new entrant status

If you need additional information, please contact Alain Frébault