EUACA Guidance – Slot usage W21

The main provisions of the revised Regulation for the EU for W21 are:

a) The baseline used for the evaluation of the utilisation rate remains the HBD date.
Historic precedence will be granted to series of slots provided they meet a minimum
utilisation rate of 50%.

b) Please note that – different from the rules for S21 – the amendment does no longer
provide for the possibility to hand back complete series before “ERD” and to obtain
alleviation for these series.

c) Carriers will be exempted from above utilisation rate if specific reasons for the non-use
of slots apply. The proposed Delegated Regulation continues to provide for an
extended list of reasons related to the COVID-19 crisis.*

d) Slots shall be returned at least three weeks before the planned date of operation.

*JNUS will continue to be granted during W21 season based on COHOR reference.

COHOR grants the JNUS status to/from France when :

  • Quarantine for passengers is required.
  • Travel is possible only for essential reasons.
  • A travel ban has been officially imposed

COHOR will publish the first list of JNUS for W21 on September 15th.

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