Orly Airport: runway closure, reduction of capacity from July 18th to August 28th 2016

Runway closure / Important reduction of capacity in Orly from July 18th to August 28th 2016

The French Civil Aviation Authorities  (DGAC) ask  the coordinator to reduce the capacity at Orly airport during 6 weeks from  July 18th to August 28th 2016 due to runway works on runway 06/24 (runway 4).  Runway capacity limits during this period are available here.

Runway capacity limits are reduced as follow (in UTC):

  • R60A: 5 arrivals from 04h20 to 04h59
  • R60A: 30 arrivals/hour from 05h00 to 19h59
  • R60D: 30 arrivals/hour from 05h00 to 19h59
  • R60M: 50 movements/hour from 05h00 to 19h59
  • R60D: 3 departures from 20h00 to 20h59
  • R30A: 17 arrivals/30mn from 20h00 to 20h59
  • R30D: 0 departure from 21h00 to 21h19

These capacity reductions have generated over capacities. Some flights are now scheduled over the limits. The following runway constraints are impacted (in UTC):

  • R60A : 09h00, 10h00, 17h00 and 19h00
  • R60D : 05h00, 06h00, 10h00, 11h00
  • R60M : 05h00, 06h00, from 09h00 to 11h00, from 15h00 to 19h00
  • R60D: 20h00
  • R30A: 20H00 and 20H30

The Paris airports executive Coordination Committee decided that carriers having flights scheduled in these hours ranges shall, on a voluntary basis, cancel or change their schedules in order to meet the new capacity limits during the runway works period.

Orly Airport histograms, showing details of demands that are scheduled over the limits per constraints, are available here. This document will be updated regularly in order to reflect cancellations and modifications of aircraft operators.

The partial closure of Orly airport falls under the provision of a) of article 10.4 of the EEC 95/93 Regulation. In consequence, voluntary cancellations and modifications between July 18th and August 28th 2016 will have no impact on the determination of the calculation of historical rights.

If voluntary cancellations and modifications are not enough to meet the new capacity limits by the end of January 2016, Cohor would impose cancellations in the scheduled traffic.